Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library are made up of people who care and use our library and want to see it reach its full potential through programs, resources, and an influx of books that our patrons want to read. There is no fee to be part of this fantastic group.

The Friends have sponsored every showing of a magician, a zoo, a band, a book signing, over the course of the last three years. They have purchased countless books (we could count it, but the number is very high), several computers, the desks for those computers, and so much more. All of this they do out of support for our library and the people that use it, which has been a lot of you recently.

Friends of the Library meet on the third Thursday of the month, every other month at 4:30 PM, starting in January. All are welcome to attend!

Meeting minutes are posted to the City of Brooklyn, Iowa Facebook page.